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Thomas Jones

Hello, my name is Thomas Jones. I have been quite fortunate during my career as a crypto trader and investor. My amazing experience in this field got even better when I discovered Bitcoin Evolution; it is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies where robots perform trades, doing all the work for you. As an old investor and manual trader, discovering the auto trading websites for cryptocurrencies was like a dream come true.

My interests in the financial sector started so many years ago, while I was still in college. I had bought my first shares at that time, and a few weeks later, the prices rose, and I had close to a hundred thousand dollars. This was huge money back then, so much that it got me deeply interested in trading.

I also had to study more about the Blockchain; it is a decentralised system through which coins are mined and used for the transaction. The Blockchain is a network that supports cryptocurrency, as far as it exists, there will be trades and much money to be made.

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Thomas Jones

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